Laundry, room service, mini bar, wireless internet


The laundry room of the hotel provides services to the dear guests for their comfort.
You may deliver your clothes for laundry after 11:00 AM and if you wish to receive them the same day, 50% additional payment will be charged.

Room service:

The room service of the hotel provides round-the-clock (24 hours) services for the guests.
The usual practice is that the room service cleans rooms every day.
If you do not wish the service, you may hang “Do not disturb” card on the door handle on the corridor side.
However, if you need additional cleaning service, please fix the “clean room” on your door handle on corridor side.
If you do not wish to be disturbed in your room, please hang the “Do not disturb” card on your door handle on corridor side.
It is appreciated if you remove the card at the end. In addition, if you need not to be disturbed by phone calls, please inform the receptionist.
It should be mentioned that for more safety of the guests, if the “Do not disturb” card is not removed for 48 hours, the Hotel will be required to enter into your room without previous coordination.

Mini Bar:

The mini bar is available in your room for your more comfort (soft drinks and snacks inside the refrigerator and in the basket).
Please check the mini bar upon arrival to the room and if the contents are not the same as the list, inform the receptionist.

Wireless internet (WIFI):

WIFI system is available in the hotel and all guests are welcomed to use its services without checking with WIFI, wireless internet system by using their laptops and mobile phone and become connected to the internet service of the hotel in any parts of it and use its facilities.