Booking (Reservation) categories

Dear guest: Congratulation for your good taste in selecting Elyan Hotel. There are many reservation types as listed below. We welcome you in advance and wish you an unforgettable stay in our hotel.
  • - Personal reservation: Dear guests are welcomed to check with the reception of the hotel any time in the 24-hour to book room.
  • - Address: Elyan Hotel, Block 9-Sharghi (eastern), below Amir Kabir Street, South Sa’di, Tehran.
  • - Reservation by phone call: The applicants are also welcomed to reserve room by calling phone number (021) - 33116742 and (021) - 33995726- Reservation Office of the Hotel.
  • - Reservation via fax: To reserve room via fax, the applicants are welcomed to submit their needed room application via number (021)- 33995728 or (021)33995726 by providing

following information in their request form:
  • 1. If the accommodation and reception fees are to be paid by an institute, enterprise, organization, company…the reservation request shall bear the seal of the institute or company in an official format.
  • 2. The request shall contain full mailing address, phone number and fax number of the applicant.
  • 3. Correct name of guest(s), number of the rooms needed by specifying single, double or suite, probable date and hour of arrival and their check out should be mentioned in the request.
  • 4. On-line reservation: The reservation could be made via internet by posting the request to email address:

It should be mentioned that the information posted for reservation via fax should be provided in on-line booking as well
Reservation rules: Reservation is final when the official confirmation is sent to the applicant.
Confirmation is submitted via fax, email or SMS.
To finalize the reservation and receiving voucher, the entire amount of reservation should be charged prior to the guest’s arrival.
For services such as receiving the confirmation or voucher, cancelling reservation, extending the reservation, changing the reservation, changing rooms and replacing the applicant, please contact our colleagues in hotel reservation via phone numbers (021)-33116742 and (021)- 33995726 and inform your request.
-It should be mentioned that the guests for whom the reservation is registered shall submit to the receptionist their ID. card and national ID. card.
-Each guest shall have their valid ID. cards in check-in date (national ID., birth certificate (shenasname) and passport for foreign nationals).
-Sharing room requires being religiously related and allowed as instructed by the sacred religion of Islam and it is required to present necessary documents to the hotel reception for proving religious kinship.
-The check-in or evacuating the room follows the hotel rules and if the room is being evacuated early or later, please ensure to check the matter in advance.
-Check in between 12:00 midnight to 6:00 AM will be calculated from previous night.
-Guests are requested to present to the receptionist the reservation confirmation and original bank receipt or bank slip for payment for checking in.
-The checking out is at 14:00 and at the request of the guest for extending the time to 15:00, 50% and longer than that, the full amount for one night will be charged.
-Reservation will be final after full payment. Advance payment or not informing the hotel after remittance and/or problems in banking system in on line payment, if the amount is not in the account of hotel will not be accounted as final reservation.

Reservation cancellation

  • 1- The change in the name by written request of applicant is acceptable free of charge.
  • 2- Change in the date, if it is possible, and having room available in new date is free of charge; otherwise, cancellation of the previous reserve and making new reservation will be both governed by the regulations in the relevant clauses related to this regulations.
  • 3-If after remitting the reservation amount and receiving confirmation, for any reason, the applicant cancels his reservation, the amount of fine to be deducted from advance
    payment is calculated as follows:
    • - If the time intervals between the issuance of reservation confirmation to 24 hours prior to arrival of the guest to the hotel, 20% of accommodation of one night stay per room and from 24 hours to the check-in time of the guest, the total amount remitted will be deducted.
    • Note- If there are more than 5 rooms booked, the fine will be reduced from 20 percent to 10 percent.
  • 4- If the guest does not check- in on the appointed date, the booked room will be kept only for one night and the reservation order will be cancelled from the next day and the fine will be calculated for one night stay per room to be deducted from the advance payment.